Top 5 Nutrition Tips for New Moms

A question I’m frequently asked by my Body After Baby clients is what are your top nutrition tips for new moms so I thought I would share my top 5. For more nutrition and exercise tips, as well as recipes and full meal plans – check out my book, Body After Baby – available on!

1). Be mindful when you eat. It’s important to eat regularly, adequately and
healthfully, and easy to slip into the habit of eating without thinking.

2). Keep fruit and vegetables handy and eat them often. It’s nearly
impossible to eat too much of either one.

3). Eat a good breakfast daily. No matter what, it’s important to anchor the
day with a healthful meal. It sets you up for success the whole day.

4). Keep a journal. It’s important to maintain some perspective on your
overall eating, drinking, and sleeping habits. Share it with someone if you
like, but record it for yourself.

5). Set realistic goals each week. Break down big goals into smaller steps
and set 3 specific activities each week that you think you really can
accomplish. Identifying obstacles to reaching your nutritional goals is half
of the problem – it’s usually what trips us up.