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SimpliHealth™ Organic Reboot

Our SimpliHealth™ Organic Reboot is designed to help you reset and refocus through 3 phases of plant-based transitional liquid nutrition meal replacement. Each day consists of complete, wholesome meals with balanced levels of protein, fiber, carbs, healthy fats and packed with vitamins and minerals. All meals are 100% organic, vegan, and gluten free and have been carefully designed to meet recommended nutritional guidelines. At NutriFit, we believe that vitality and energy come with making healthy choices – nutritionally, mentally and physically.

Program Features

  • • 100% organic
  • • Gluten-free and vegan liquid diet
  • • Short term liquid nutrition meal replacement program
  • • Nutrient dense liquid meals
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What are the main benefits of the Organic Reboot program?

Our clients have reported improved sleep, mental clarity and robust energy levels throughout the Reboot phases. Those with weight loss goals, may also enjoy this benefit.

Program Description

Phase 1


Phase 1 is the first 3-day phase of the Reboot that introduces you to the rejuvenating effects of a short-term liquid diet. It contains all the macro and micro-nutrients needed in a balanced meal plan.
phase 1 sample menu

Phase 2


Phase 2 is a 4-day phase to easy your body back to plant-based food by incorporating one gluten free, vegetable-dense, plant protein based entrée back into your daily menu.
phase 2 sample menu

Phase 3


Phase 3 is the final stage of Reboot and completes the transition to a regular diet. This five-day phase features complete, well balanced plant-based menus with enough variety to satisfy every palate.
phase 3 sample menu


I can’t believe I wasn’t hungry. I was concerned about that, and a little afraid of what I thought was going to be a big change for my body. But I was pleasantly surprised – not hungry, no cravings and I had plenty of energy and mental power through the whole Reboot plan. I highly recommend it! ” -Deliah T.
This was a great way to get a start on the healthy eating I’ve been talking about for a long time. Really set me up to slide into an ongoing NutriFit plan. Just the thing I needed to break some bad habits painlessly and quickly.” -Asher G.

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