Mighty Liquid Nutrition Blends

Announcing the launch of the NutriFit signature Mighty Liquid Blends, a juice and smoothie meal plan based on the NutriFit philosophy of wholesome and balanced eating, combined with the rejuvenating effects of a short-term, healthy liquid diet meal plan.

Unlike others, the Mighty Liquid Blends line is designed to allow for optimal macronutrient consumption while remaining a low calorie, liquid plan. With six offerings of distinctly unique taste profiles, nutrient content and texture, you’ll feel satisfied and invigorated at the end of the day, instead of hungry and tired.

The Mighty Liquids Blends healthy liquid diet meals use specific combinations of extensively researched, low calorie, high nutrient, predominantly organic foods to offer a balanced, deliciously healthy approach to liquid nutrition. I am excited to offer this new product line, and encourage you to give it a taste.

Call (310) 473-1989 to order!  Nationwide shipping available.