Asparagus Tarte Recipe

As the frost of winter yields to the gentle warmth of spring, nature bestows upon us a bounty of fresh produce, each vibrant gem carrying not just flavor but also a wealth of health benefits. Among these seasonal treasures, asparagus emerges as a verdant emblem of vitality, bursting with nutrients and flavor alike. Today, we invite you to celebrate the arrival of spring and embrace the nourishing qualities of asparagus with our enticing Asparagus Tarte recipe.

In this culinary ode to spring, we’ll explore not only the exquisite taste and texture of asparagus but also its remarkable health advantages. Asparagus, heralded for its status as a nutritional powerhouse, is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to overall well-being. From its ability to support digestive health to its potential anti-inflammatory properties, each spear of asparagus offers a symphony of benefits that resonate with the body and soul.


Servings: 3

Gluten Free, Vegetarian


1 1/5 cup, asparagus

2 cup, egg whites (beaten)

1/4 cup, fat free milk

1 tsp, NutriFit Lemon Garden Salt Free Spice Blend

1 cup, reduced fat brie cheese

1/2 cup, reduced fat swiss cheese

1 ea., tomato

1 tbsp, trans-fat free, lite margarine


1. Peel asparagus, blanch for 2 minutes & cut into 1″ pieces
2. Saute asparagus with Lemon Garden blend for one minute. Add tomato, cook for 1 minute more. Mix egg whites, cheese and milk in a measuring cup.

3. Pour egg mixture over vegetables in skillet, reduce heat to low.

3. Cover and cook 12-15 minutes or until bottom is firm and top is almost set. Remove from oven & place under broiler to cook top until done.

*Note – For each teaspoon of the Lemon Garden Blend, you may substitute: 1/4 tsp. basil, 1/4 tsp. marjoram, 1/4 tsp. black pepper and 1/4 tsp. dill weed.

Nutrition Facts:

152 cal

23.4 g protein

6.7 g carb

2.8 g fat

7 mg cholesterol

327 mg sodium

1.6 g fiber

4.6 g sugar