Let NutriFit help you with your holiday parties this season.

Was so thrilled to read these lovely comments from NutriFit client, Margo Milman. “I have been using NutriFit for the past 3 months and have lost l0 pounds; but that is not what I want to talk about.  My husband and I were hosting a Caribbean themed party and were debating who to use to cater the event. So we tested a couple of Puerto Rican restaurants, considered our standard Cuban go to restaurant Portos, and then we spoke to Jackie Keller at NutriFit to see if they were able to cater such an event. She was happy to help us to arrange a menu in conjunction with her Chef, Chef Antonio. We worked with Jackie and Chef Antonio to produce a healthy, tasty Caribbean menu. The food so far exceeded our expectations-we and our guests were just blown away. Moreover Chef Antonio stayed to make sure that everything was just perfect. He served our 25 guests, was engaging, professional, and delightful. He explained the preparations for people who inquired (and most did), and stayed all the way through desert which came several hours after the initial appetizers were served. This was a cornerstone to an extremely successful party. I’d append all the lovely comments from our guests, but there are just to many to include.” Let us help you with your holiday parties this season. Call us today! 310.473.1989