Food Trends for 2014

As 2013 winds down, it’s time to look forward to new 2014 food trends to inspire new recipes for NutriFit. There are a number of healthy takeaways from these trends and am excited to incorporate them in new dishes for the upcoming year.

The Trends:

Expect to see more Middle Eastern & Mediterranean dishes – generally healthy dishes, staples you can expect to see in these dishes are chickpeas, garlic & Mediterranean style pizzas.

Additionally, tea is going to be a hot item on drink menus next year. Look for new earthy teas (both hot and cold) to settle down with after a hard day of work. Tea flavors are also sure to be incorporated into food dishes by acting as a healthy substitute for oils, bacon and butter.

Origin-labeling on food is a growing trend as well – more and more, consumers are becoming more conscious of where their proteins and produce come from and are creating a demand for the “farm-to-table” experience. At NutriFit, we have taken this trend and turned it into a core principle of our company, as we own and operate our own farm located on the central coast of California where we grow our own produce, herbs and edible flowers that we use in our client’s meals. Look for the SimpliHealth label on our meals to signify dishes that use ingredients we have grown ourselves!