A Word About Food Safety at NutriFit

There is nothing more important to us at NutriFit than food health and safety, and the safety of our clients, employees and community. That’s why we wanted to share the steps we are taking and our sanitation and food health and safety practices with all of you.

First, we have always maintained an extraordinarily clean and sanitary facility. We proudly display our A Rating granted by the Department of Public Health since ratings began. All of our kitchen employees have received certified food health and safety training. In fact our founder, Jackie Keller, taught Food Handling and Safety for the Department of Health for many years.

Our facility is also cleaned thoroughly each day using environmentally-friendly and highly effective cleaning agents. We use food gloves (non-latex) when plating your meals (and always have)! We wipe the insides of our delivery bags with a bleach solution daily.

You many have noticed some of our new containers. As new, durable and truly compostable alternatives become available, we are sourcing and experimenting with them. Our goal is to eliminate any non-recycled containers. In the interim, any meal containers that are returned to us are washed and donated to the local food banks (OPCC/West L.A. Food Bank/Step up on Second). We have done this for over 20 years.

We welcome visitors, so if you would like to see our kitchen, we are located in the heart of west L.A. and would love to meet you!

Please feel free to call with comments, questions or concerns.