Jackie’s Wellness Coaching Wednesday Weigh In- March 31st, 2010

Beginning today, I’m dedicating my Wednesday note to a comment about my Wellness Coaching. This dynamic, cutting edge field is a new and very exciting dimension of my life work, and I’m thrilled to be incorporating more and more Wellness Coaching into our NutriFit business model. As an introduction to how coaching works, please take a minute to contemplate (and write down, if you desire) answers to the following four questions:

Imagine that you are painting a picture of ideal wellness. What would you look and feel like at your ideal level of health?

What’s the most important element in this picture? How is it linked to your health?

How large is the gap between where you are today and where you want to be? Fill in the blanks in this sentence:
“Today I am ( ); when I achieve my desired wellness goals I will be ( ).”

What makes this vision really important to you? What will be different in your life when you achieve your vision?

If you’re interested in experiencing the difference that working with a skilled Wellness coach can make in your progress, email or post your answers and I’ll reply. Wellness coaching is all about YOU – your goals, your obstacles and your solutions. More information is on the www.jackiekeller.com website! Are you ready to be well?