Preventing Colds and Flus

Some quick tips for preventing colds and flus:

1. Drink as many fluids as possible (frozen 100% fruit juice bars provide good variety), and be sure to incorporate green tea. Chicken soup and broth may alleviate congestion.
2. Antioxidants, antioxidants, antioxidants – eat those fruits and vegetables to fortify your immune system and ward off illness.
3. Take vitamin C, which has proven to reduce cold symptoms and shorten the duration of illness.
4. Wash your hands frequently – many germs are transmitted through touch.
5. Get enough sleep. Fatigue wears down our immune system, as does stress.

If you unfortunately get a cold:

1.  I recommend hot chicken soup and soup vegetables, like potatoes, celery and carrots.

2. Finally, don’t “bed rest” a cold. Get plenty of sleep, then get up and stay active. Moving around helps to loosen built up mucus and fluids. Unless you have a fever, or are under slept, that is!