Homemade Beauty Products Using Food

Cheaper than a salon, here are some simple homemade beauty treatments to try at home!

1. Olive oil as a make up remover. Simply blot some onto a cotton ball and wipe off your make up. Most cosmetics are oil-based, so a quick light wipe will do, followed by a gentle liquid soap.

2. Egg yolks as hair conditioner. Yes, it’s smelly, but you’re going to simply massage egg yolks into your wet hair, let sit for at least 1 hour, then wash out. While it may be messy, this treatment will you leave with a healthy, shiny coat!

3. Cornmeal as an exfoiliant. Moisten your face, put a small amount of cornmeal in your palm, and gently scrub your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Then follow your usual moisturizing protocol! Consider making a paste of mashed avocado as a mask as well.