Feed Your Face

What you eat can have a big impact on your external health and the largest organ on your body – your skin!

Here’s some simple anti-aging diet tips that can help improve your nutrition for healthy skin that’s protected and looks great:

Foods high in antioxidants are helpful in anti-aging and can help prevent cellular damage. You might even find some of your favorite foods in this category – including red wine, chocolate, green tea, oranges, kiwi, strawberries. Other high anti-oxidant foods include onion and leafy vegetables, eggs, avocados and whole grains.

Additionally, lycopenes found in red fruits & vegetables (tomatoes, watermelon, red peppers, etc) help fight the damaging effects of UV rays and sunburns.

Foods high in protein, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and omega-3’s can promote collagen growth and  improve skin elasticity and fight wrinkles. Additionally, foods in the alpha-linoleic acid family such as tofu, flaxseed, walnuts, soybeans, canola & olive oils can prevent dryness and skin irritation.

Iron and zinc-rich can help thicken your hair, while foods high in cysteine (red peppers, egg yolks, oats, broccoli, onions and garlic) and silicon (spinach, whole grains, mineral water, coffee, lentils) contribute to stronger hair and nails.