Surprising Reasons You’re Gaining Weight

Gaining weight can be distressing, especially when you feel you’re doing everything right. Aside from not eating right or exercising enough, there might be several surprising reason’s you’re gaining weight that might not occur to you! Here we examine a number of reasons for weight gain that might affect your health.  

 In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, it is also very important to get enough sleep to keep your metabolism and hormone levels in check. This also helps you avoid late-night snacking Examining stress level is also important.

When we are extremely stressed, our bodies secrete a hormone called cortisol that can cause an increase in appetite (resulting in an increased intake in calories). Stress generally takes attention away from diet or healthy eating, causing unnoticed and unwanted weight gain.  

Many people who quit smoking also experience weight gain. Although this is not universally true, studies have shown that people who tend to gain weight after quitting smoking do so because the lack of nicotine has decreased their metabolism, made food taste better and has left you feeling hungrier and eating more. Smokers also tend to look for something to eat to substitute a cigarette during withdrawal. Here’s a recent study on the effects of smoking cessation and weight. 

Weight gain can also stem from intake of excess alcohol. This is a common area that people skip when analyzing the reasons for their weight gain and lifestyle. There are many empty calories in alcohol that are digested and broken down much slower by the body and therefore cause weight gain or slow down weight loss.

At NutriFit, we’re dedicated to helping clients achieve long term success by taking a science-based approach to healthy eating.

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Clients struggling with their weight may also benefit from health and wellness coaching. Our founder, Jackie Keller, holds multiple board certifications in health and wellness coaching and is a practicing Health and Nutrition Coach.