Our Next Tasting Event – America: An Epicurean Odyssey

The term “melting pot” seems inadequate to describe the true nature of the conglomeration that is America. Perhaps (and stick with us here), a salad bowl is a more appropriate metaphor. All parts mixed together, a theme woven between them but the separate pieces retaining their shape, their flavors, their individuality. As unconventionally American (if we’re being completely honest) as a salad bowl may seem, it is a good metaphor for the rugged individuality which defines the American spirit. The richness of flavors in a salad comes not from the ingredients melting together, but in the revelation of their uniqueness tasted in unison, complimenting and contrasting each other to become something greater than any individual part can achieve on its own. The beauty of America is that its landscapes, its people, its cuisines and cultures are inherently different, each holding something beautiful and unique.

Whether they were the traditional owners of this land (in the neighborhood where our Txoko event is being held, the Tongva people), or immigrants from all over the world, our ancestors carried with them an individuality that is at its heart the most American thing there is. One can imagine that as they surveyed the possibilities of the landscapes around them, they brought recipes passed down from generations far flung, their thoughts ripe with the possibilities found in a place to begin anew. Cuisine was the gift they brought most often, taking old recipes from their ancestors’ kitchens and combining them with the ingredients and ideas offered in the New World. Eyes ever on the horizon, the spirit of Americans, from coast to coast and throughout time, has always been an ever present “I can”, that belief that we are the masters of our destiny. This belief, ever present, wound its way into the cuisines we know and enjoy today.

That unwavering “I can” is what has defined this country, and it is what has defined us, too. At NutriFit, we ask our clients to look within and say, “I can do it”, no matter what the goal. We started NutriFit 34 years ago with that spirit, with the idea that anyone, given the tools, knowledge, and encouragement, can make a difference in their own life for a brighter tomorrow. That has been our own odyssey, our journey of self-discovery and growth, and we have been honored to have you with us on it. Together we say not only, “I can” but now we say, “We can”, by listening, sharing and learning from one another’s journeys. Our Txoko USA dining table is an area open to all, where we can share stories and dreams of our pasts, presents, and futures. So, let’s begin this odyssey, this epicurean journey through this salad bowl country and with our eyes on the horizon, discover the treasures it may hold.

We hope you’ll join us on this next adventure. To view our full menu for the event and purchase tickets, click here