Notes from the Mesa

Nestled on five oak-studied acres on the Central California coast, our sustainable farm SimpliHealth Growers, affectionately called “the Mesa”, produces some of the delicious organic fruits, veggies and herbs that grace our client’s plates. But the Mesa is more to us at NutriFit than a farm – it is a commitment to building a sustainable future for our planet through locally grown, organic, farm-to-table ingredients. Over 30 years we have continuously innovated how we provide nutritious and delicious meals to our clients, and we continue to do so through our environmentally friendly farming operations.

We strive to stay on the cutting edge of sustainable farming techniques. Our farm is 100% solar-powered – all of our electricity is supplied without the use of polluting greenhouse gases, affirming our promise to fighting climate change. We also use minimal water by using drip-irrigation techniques, which saves up to 70% of the water used in traditional sprinkler systems, to grow everything from wholesome kale and asparagus to mouth-watering peaches and black-berries. We take this a step further in our greenhouses by using hydroponics, which use a whopping 80-90% less water than traditional methods, to grow tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and many other delicious veggies. Finally, we only utilize hydrogen, hybrid and high fuel-efficiency vehicles to transport our produce on the short-drive back to our Los Angeles kitchen, furthering our pledge to produce locally and think globally.

But its not only our growing techniques that are sustainable. Our farm itself is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat, providing food, water and shelter to co-exist with a whole host of native species. Red-shouldered hawks’ nest on our property, while Anna’s hummingbirds buzz between flowers and California quail raise families in the shade of our magnificent oak trees. Native rabbits, gopher snakes and ground squirrels are our frequent guests, and we boast a healthy population of insect-munching little brown bats. The fragrant flowers of rosemary, basil, golden poppies and milkweed (critical for declining Monarch butterflies) dot our land, unveiling beautiful flowers to the California sun. Finally, the addition of our very own bee hive ensures we boost important pollinators, contribute to reversing drastic bee population declines, and that soon we can provide organic, local honey to our loyal clientele.

Here at NutriFit, we have committed in mind, body and spirit to the tenants of environmental stewardship and creating a sustainable future. SimpliHealth Growers and the Mesa is a testament to our commitment to sustainable organic farming and to supplying the best ingredients to our clients. And while we can’t supply everything in our meals from our farm (though that won’t stop us from trying), we pledge to use only the best ingredients to fulfill our client’s healthy food needs. Next time you receive a NutriFit meal, keep an eye out for one of our SimpliHealth Growers labels and know that from our farm to your table, you are part of building a better, more sustainable future.