Ways to Stay Slim This Holiday Season

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving? Did you enjoy the recipes in the previous posts? The holiday spirit is now officially in full swing since turkey day is done and it’s quite often that time of year we indulge a little bit – a little bit too much usually! So, how do we keep control of the waistline while still enjoying the festivities? Here are a couple of ways to stay slim this holiday season:

If heading out to friends, family, or a company holiday party, try wearing something that’s a little snug around the waist. That has a real tendency to minimize what you eat!

To prevent mindless noshing at fancy cocktail parties, I am a big fan of making it nearly impossible. Hold a glass of water in your dominant hand, and your cocktail – preferably red wine – in your less-dominant hand. That makes it very challenging to pick up random bits of food.

Though yummy and (relatively) healthy, deviled eggs are typically made with high-fat mayo. So, as is, maybe just have one. Lusting after a second? Scoop out the middle. You can avoid the yolk very easily
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