Treadmill tips

Working out on a treadmill but want to get more of a workout and burn more calories? Who doesn’t? I get asked this a lot.

I recommend that my clients increase the incline and decrease the speed slightly when working out on the treadmill to burn extra calories. Also, I suggest short intervals of high intensity running (30-60 second increments) if appropriate (not for all populations, or walk with their arms elevated above the level of their heart (this can be done on slow speed doing shoulder presses). This forces the body to work harder, uses multiple muscle groups and metabolically trains the system.

Of course, don’t eat junk when you’re done working out. If you need a little extra help in the meal department, order NutriFit Family Fare today. You and your whole family can enjoy delicious, healthy wholesome meals to go along with your hard treadmill work!