Think Yelp is Unbiased? Think Again!!

I have known for sometime that Yelp! was not being totally unbiased and now a FORBES blog post that proves it! They include forty genuine reviews from our NutriFit clients that don’t count to the overall rating. Why? Because we are not paying for advertising on their site! So here’s a note to all who have taken the time and trouble to post reviews about us:

A huge “Thanks for trying” to clients that care enough to bother! Apparently, despite honest, genuine effort, YELP is far from the same. I found this FORBES post all too true and consistent with our experience with YELP. We will not stoop to their low level of integrity and “pay for play”. We love your kind words, and encourage you to express outrage at these questionable business practices. We also ask that if you are inclined to do so, recommend us on the NutriFit Facebook page, LinkedIn, Citysearch, Twitter or whatever social media sites you use.

Again, thanks for your loyalty and patronage. It’s a pleasure to serve you all!