The Politics of Health

It’s time to speak out about the politics of health. I am an ardent HILLARY CLINTON supporter, for many reasons. I sincerely believe that she is the most qualified candidate to lead the country – based in no small part on her remarkable record of public service, her depth of character and her unparalleled, intimate knowledge of the workings of the our government at the executive level. We have a rare opportunity to make a superb choice for President, and it must be HILLARY CLINTON.

But first a few words to claims that electing HILLARY will mean more of the “same old thing”. I, for one, would relish a return to the prosperity of the 1990’s – and urge all of you who appreciate a balanced budget, economic growth and responsible governance to speak out in favor of HILLARY CLINTON, who can bring this back to us.

Equally important to me is the issue of health care. Here’s what I like about HILLARY and her intelligent approach to the obesity crisis: she wants to quality health coverage for all Americans via a 7-step strategy for lowering spiraling costs. I know all too well that premiums have almost doubled since 2000 – up 87 percent – as I provide health insurance for my company’s employees, and my family. We need Senator Clinton’s plan to cover all Americans because it will require the reform of our often irrational, inefficient and wasteful policies. She’s been through the wars on this issue, and can get it passed.

I implore all of you who feel the same as I do to speak out, get involved and be active in your support of HILLARY CLINTON – help her get elected, and she will help all of us live well.