To Supplement or not to Supplement – That is the Question!

As I took my multivitamin pill this morning, I remembered that February is National Heart Month, and March is National Nutrition Month! You may have read about a recent study that showed that multivitamin use in older women did nothing to prevent common cancers, and that many popular supplements did not reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke. While for some that might be translated to, “ no need to take vitamins”, in my opinion it means, “vitamins can’t guarantee good health”. All the more reason to take care that your diet includes plenty of nutritionally dense foods.

But consider this argument for taking a daily multivitamin: even the most diligent and careful eater can find it a challenge to construct a perfect diet on a consistent basis. For that reason, a simple, inexpensive and well-rounded vitamin pill is an easy way to have peace of mind. The fact remains, though, that our body loves truly good-for-you food, and rewards us with robust health when we feed ourselves with care.