Staying Healthy on the Road, Pt 2

There are so many tips and tricks to staying healthy on the road. If you are unable to let NutriFit fix you up with healthy travel meals, take into account these tips:

¤ Make low fat requests – restaurants want to please their patrons
¤ Request salad dressings, sauces and gravies on the side
¤ Request vegetables steamed, or request a lower fat alternative
¤ Ask the server to take the salt shaker, butter and chips off the table
¤ Ask for salsa as a condiment on baked potatoes instead of sour cream
¤ Order small servings
¤ Split entrees with a dining companion
¤ Stop eating when you are no longer hungry, take leftovers home
¤ Take the skin off poultry, trim visible fat from meat
¤ Blot extra oil from fried foods with a napkin
¤ Ask for whole grains instead of white rice, pasta and bread
¤ Choose fresh vegetables, beans or fruit
¤ Take snack foods with you every day
¤ Buy an insulated lunch bag and take it with you every day
¤ Keep drinking water close at hand
¤ Keep dried fruit, whole grain or graham crackers, bagels, baby carrots and fresh fruit handy
¤ Try to eat out no more than once a day
¤ Don’t let yourself get so hungry that you make unwise choices. Eat a small snack before you go out
¤ Make your “at home” meals especially healthy
¤ Concentrate on nutrient dense foods
¤ Eat a low fat breakfast, because your other meals are likely to be higher in fat
¤ Follow the 80/20 rule: eat healthy 80% of the time and splurge the remaining 20% of the time
¤ Choose restaurants and fast food places that offer healthy choices
¤ Always keep healthy, low fat, low sodium snacks and water with you

NutriFit sells delicious and healthy High Energy Bars & Mixes which are a convenient guilt-free snack while you’re on the road. All bars and mixes are handmade on the NutriFit premises.