How I stay motivated as a small business owner?

My company, NutriFit, recently turned 25. So what keeps someone motivated for that long? Motivational insight can be a big problem for some, for sure. Well, I know for a fact that if I eat properly and exercise daily, I’m healthier overall. I know that I rarely get sick, which means I’m rarely absent from my business. My exercise and nutrition habits contribute directly to my overall clarity of mind (and there are numerous studies that prove it – just ask Stephen Covey or read The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People) and level of energy (which soars with proper eating and working out), so my business benefits from that as well. My mood is elevated when I’m properly nourished and my emotional stability is improved, which results in a being a better, more balanced boss. Those are just the starters. One need only try it for a week to see how much this kind of regimen brings to the business, and the results are self-evident.