Some quick tip solutions to some common weight loss obstacles

How would you answer the question, “My biggest obstacle to losing weight is…?
If you answered any of the following, you’re not alone:

1) Stress, or the stress of handling difficult situations
2) Getting enough sleep
3) Finding the time to exercise and/or sticking with it
4) Battling cravings or a “sweet tooth”

Here are some quick tips to help you through these life circumstances. Not surprisingly, the solutions sound simplified, but are quite effective! Give these suggestions a try:

Eating small meals throughout the day helps keep blood sugar levels constant. This helps even out your moods, and leaves you better equipped to handle most any situation. So does regular exercise. It increases blood flow to the brain and throughout the body, improving your brain’s ability to process information and sensory system. Dehydration leads to fatigue, so stay well hydrated to avoid a response that is triggered by fatigue and irritation. Eating consistently also helps to minimize cravings. If you deny yourself all sweets, you may set yourself up for failure. A small piece of dark chocolate (1 oz) can go a long way towards staving off a binge.

Optimal sleep comes when the body is fatigued and the mind is at rest. Try to fall asleep in bed, rather than on the sofa. If you’re thinking about your day or watching TV when you fall asleep, your sleep may be disturbed and uneven. Avoid eating foods that make you uncomfortable just before going to bed, and allow ample time for your meal or bedtime snack to digest. Try drinking herbal tea an hour or so before you go to sleep to help you relax.

Plan your exercise or activity each morning as you brush your teeth. Prepare yourself by setting out appropriate clothing for the activity, such as walking or running shoes. Make it as important as any other appointment that you set for yourself.