Planning on super sizing your Super Bowl Sunday snacks?

Whoa – slow down – you may be surprised at some of the calories you can consume in one (long) sitting….

Here are 5 great tips for making it through the game without eating yourself silly:
1). Have a substantial, balanced breakfast on Sunday morning (seriously) – I’m thinking whole grain hot cereal with berries, maybe a poached egg or two, half a grapefruit or orange and even a piece of whole grain toast. Wash it down with a good cup of coffee or green tea, and at least 1 (8 oz) glass of water. That ought to hold you for awhile.
2). Go for a FAST walk for an hour, about an hour after you eat.
3). Make a platter full of raw vegetables and fresh fruit – and put it front and center on the table in front of the TV
4). Put all the rest of the goodies on a table far away from the TV
5). Lose the full fat cheese, full fat dairy dips (think low fat only), full fat chips, cookies or crackers. Try white meat chicken skewers, shrimp cocktail, vegetable kabobs, and air-popped popcorn for starters.

Need more ideas? Send me a note on Facebook and I’ll send you some. If you’re a “Monday morning quarterback” and need some remedial coaching, I’ll be here….