Pictures of the Year International

The most amazing photographic stories I’ve ever seen are on display at The Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City, CA. Be prepared for an emotional, riveting experience unlike any other. These images, considered the best work of winning photojournalists worldwide are on display until November 1, 2009.

We’ve all seen photos that evoke feelings, but the POYi Exhibit does more than that – it propels you into the world in a way that changes how you view life. What was my biggest take-away? That feeding people well is my calling…my way of connecting to society in a positive way…my way of making a difference. Seeing all of those stories of hunger and want told in images made me ache to do more. It’s not all gut wrenching. Not all heart rending. But it IS all magnificent. Don’t miss it.

For information about Pictures of the Year International, please visit the POYi website.