NutriFit walks the red carpet

Leap year day – and thank God it’s a Friday…I need a breather, as the pace has been very fast, and totally furious!

Last night about did me in – my first “red carpet walk” at “they” say (actually, the carpet WAS red, but very short). Of course, it was exciting although no one was particularly interested in photographing the celebrity nutritionist whose company co-sponsored the charitable event (yay NutriFit) benefit the National Eating Disorders Association. As a former anorexic (when I was a teenager), I really appreciate the work that NEDA does to help eliminate eating disorders. Check them out online, and talk about eating disorders with your friends and family. You know what Hillary says, “it takes a village” and I add, “to support a troubled soul”.

Interestingly enough, 4 of the biggest celebrities there were NutriFit clients (past and current), and seeing them in person was loads of fun. And our food was WONDERFUL ummmm good Bourbon Chicken, Thai Tofu Delights, Tuna Tartare, Eggplant Pizzettes and our famous, deliciously healthy Fudgy Brownies and Blue Denim Tartlets.

Well, it was nice to exchange hugs with Angela Kinsey, Annabeth Gish, Mira Sovrino and the host of the evening, Paige Adams-Geller, and to give Hollywood’s finest a taste of food that’s as good for you as it is tasty and appealing!