New Study – Vitamin E May Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

A new study conducted through 14 Veteran’s Affairs medical centers has shown promising results in the use of Vitamin E to slow functional decline in patients with Alzheimer’s Diesase. The participants in the study were randomly assigned either 2000 IU of Vitmain E per day (152 patients), 20 mg of memantine per day (155 patients), a combination of Vitamin E and memantine (154 patients) or a placebo (152 patients).

The baseline characteristics of the disease were the same among the four groups, however during the follow up period, the patients taking Vitamin E showed significantly slower functional decline than the patients taking the placebo. The annual rate of decline was 19% slower for the Vitamin E group than the placebo group. The group taking memantine and the combination of Vitamin E and memantine showed any kind of detriment or benefit on the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. Additionally, the time that the participant’s caregivers spend with their patients increased the least with the group taking Vitamin E.

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