Mint madness

I’m mad about mint! There are several uses for mint that make it a real winner! First, it’s very easy to grow, and there are several varieties, all with slightly different flavor properties. Mint is also very “user friendly” – easy to stem, wash and stays well when stored properly (like a flower bouquet). You can brew the mint into a very flavorful tea by just steeping the whole stems (with leaves) in hot water. They also add a sparkling flavor to savory rice dishes, berry sauces and green salads.

At NutriFit I have a mint smoothie recipe I make in the blender by combining our own farm-grown mint leaves with banana, apple juice and tofu, and when the mixture is smooth, adding in a spoonful of mini chocolate chips. Process it just 10 seconds more, then enjoy this quick and easy mint smoothie recipe!

Some uses for mint are not just delicious to eat and drink; I use it in my garbage disposal as well! Along with lemon, orange and lime rinds, mint makes a great kitchen freshener. Simply grind the less beautiful or used leaves (out of the tea and into the garbage disposal) and it will lend the beautiful scent of mint to the room.