How to minimize Monday stress

It’s Monday – first day of the work week for many people!

To minimize Monday stress, you can:

  1. Get physical. It’s one of the most socially acceptable, instantly effective ways to relieve stress. Walk, jump, run, kick or punch your way to a more relaxed state.
  2. Write it out. Journaling your feelings can help you keep perspective on the situation. Just don’t send it anywhere until you’ve had a chance to calm down!
  3. Take deep breaths and count backwards from 100. Just slowing down your breathing and focusing on something other than the source of your stress can make a huge difference.
  4. Call a trusted friend or family member. Venting is usually something people who care about you will understand.
  5. Try to see the situation from a different perspective. Without being Pollyanna-ish, there is often another view that will help make the situation less burdensome.