Meals on the go on a budget

Is your life busy? Who isn’t these days? Often creating wholesome meals and snacks can be a challenge, but here are some ways to help create some healthfulness in your packed schedule, without breaking the bank.

For dinner, firstly, decide which protein source you like, how versatile it is, how many different ways it can be prepared or “re purposed” and how expensive it is. Lean poultry fits easily into these criteria. For example, a 1 lb. package of ground turkey can be made into at least 10 variations without much difficulty at all. Chicken also makes a great staple.  (Remember to divide your plate into 3 sections as follows: a line down the center of the circle gives you two halves. One of those two should be divided evenly again into 2. Ideally, your vegetable portion should go in the largest of the sections – fully one-half of your dinner plate. The protein and starch portions go into the other two sections.)

For lunch, simply add a small piece of hand fruit to each of these and a tall bottle of water or unsweetened iced tea and you’re set! One loaf of whole wheat bread costs $2.00, and yields 7 sandwiches. Here are 7 unique sandwich ideas that cost less than $2.50 per sandwich to make (and that’s on the high side):

1. Reduced fat, natural peanut butter, 1/2 a banana and 1 tbsp. of honey

2. Egg salad with 2 hard-boiled eggs, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and 1 tsp. each fat free mayo & mustard

3. Grilled chicken breast – 3 oz. cut in half horizontally and sandwiched between lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers. Brush the bread with olive oil and add a fresh basil leaf if you love it!

4. Tuna (canned in water, drained) salad mixed with a bit of fresh salsa and fresh lemon juice

5. Sardines or salmon (canned, drained) with lettuce and cucumber

6. Reduced fat Cheddar cheese. Spread the bread with trans-fat free margarine on the outside before grilling

7. Fried egg and turkey bacon

Bonus Idea: Turkey bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts

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