Jackie’s Wellness Coaching Wednesday Weigh In- May 19th, 2010

Did you now that today is National Employee Health and Fitness Day? You can learn more about it at www.physicalfitness.org. I’m learning more, too, in a formal way. As a licensed Wellness Coach, I’m required to complete a certain number of continuing education units and coaching hours to keep my license. One of the programs I’m working on how is a workshop on Nutrition, Exercise and Aging, and while much of it is review, there is so much relevancy to our special calendar day!

Since we’re talking about employee fitness today, I do want to share a NutriFit employee success story with you! One of our top line cooks has had a battle with high cholesterol for most of his adult life. This year, he decided to take on the challenge of lowering it, and I’m proud to say that as of his last blood test results, he’s won that battle! He began by eliminating nearly all red meat from his meals, and started running twice per week. Gradually, he increased his exercise to four or five days per week, and kept his eating regimen healthy, using all of the skills he’s learned over the nearly 9 years that he’s worked for us here at NutriFit! His cholesterol dropped from over 300 to 160, and he lost about 8 pounds!

It feels good to be a part of our employees’ personal health successes!