Jackie Weighs In…

I’m constantly amazed at the misconceptions people have about nutrition, exercise and health in general. It seems that nearly every day, I overhear something that literally amazes me – and this most recent myth is a great example: a client told me that he didn’t believe that drinking water was important or necessary for weight loss.

So, to clarify the science around water and weight loss, here’s the science: At a healthy weight, you need about 64 oz. of water daily to maintain your metabolic processes. If you’re 25 lbs. or more overweight, increase that by 8 oz. of water to meet your body’s needs. This will allow the kidneys to continue to eliminate waste efficiently from the body, and the liver to continue in it’s work of breaking down fats in the bloodstream. If the kidneys are deprived of sufficient water, the liver has to step in to assist the kidneys. This forces the liver to work overtime and compromises it’s role of eliminating waste.

There are numerous studies that support the science behind the recommendation to drink plenty of water. Bottom line – drink up, for your health and for weight loss.