How do you diet?

How do you diet? Do you feel trapped while dieting, give in to your cravings or deprive yourself? Follow this advice to become more mindful and avoid ‘diet’ becoming a four letter word!

There’s a difference between resigning yourself to a strict eating regimen willingly, and feeling “trapped in a diet”. It’s all in the attitude, as they say. If your motivation for adopting the stringent eating plan is truly internal, in that you want to achieve your results more than you want to eat the food, and you don’t feel that the compromise is too great to make, it’s perfectly fine. All too often, you’re giving up something you really want because you’ve read that you HAVE to in order to achieve results. In this case, you’re likely to resent the adjustment and ultimately rebel or fail.

Before you give in and just let go to cravings that might come up, why not ask yourself a few questions? Like am I hungry? Why do I want this? What will it bring me that I cannot get any other way? Is this the only time in my life that I will ever be able to have this? Do I really want it, or if I move on to something else mentally, will the craving pass? Be mindful in your eating. Eating subconsciously or without thought isn’t generally healthy. If you’re just going to “eat around it” and not deal with the craving on a mindful level, it’s likely that you’ll end up eating it anyway.

Before you think deprivation and hunger is a good way to diet, remember, it can lead to bad choices. There’s no reason to walk around feeling hungry all the time, and deprive of things you want. Instead, I feed our clients at NutriFit with generous amounts of fiber-packed fruits and vegetables, whole grains that create a sense of fullness, and small amounts of “nutritiously delicious” healthy desserts that we make with real ingredients (like chocolate)!

Remember these tips and tricks and dieting will no longer be a bad word in your vocabulary!