Holidays can feed binge eaters’ problems

Food’s central place in seasonal celebrations can prove difficult, especially with stress triggers from family or lonely feelings.

One of the best tools for “beating holiday binge eating” is both inexpensive and easy! Rather than overeating or binging, which is reactive, try these 3 proactive steps to managing holiday stress positively:

1. Rate your overall level of stress each day and record it on a a log (1=minimal; 10=maximal).
2. Log the hours that you sleep each night, and aim for a solid 7-8 hours (we tend to handle stress better if we’ve had enough sleep).
3. Identify a non-food reward that you can give yourself to unwind and relax without overeating, for example a luxurious bubble bath.

Try to be prepared for situations where you may be tempted to binge by planning ahead. Oftentimes, the eating behaviors are subconscious reactions to stressors that we know trigger behaviors, but don’t plan for. By arming yourself with tools that you can put in place for these events, you can circumvent the situation effectively.

Url: L.A. Times article source