Got allergies?

Got allergies and stress about the idea of going to a restaurant for fear of a reaction? Here’s what you can ask your server to ensure no bad outcomes to a nice evening out:

What type of cooking/flavoring oils do you use?

What type of soy sauce do you use?

When looking at a menu consider the things like condiments, cross contamination possibilities and hidden sources of sugars (ie. other things to be mindful of when eating out include sauces, dressings and incomplete or misleading descriptions).

I always recommend that you ask the waiter about the specific food issue you have, and politely explain that you have a serious allergy. That way, the server will really ask the chef, instead of figuring you for a neurotic foodie.

Of course, my company, NutriFit, accommodates all allergies and we carefully plan meals to meet your needs. Call me or sign up today to discuss your concerns: