Five tips for how to perk yourself up after a night of drinking

We all know New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and that usually drinking champagne or liquor comes with that. But don’t dread the imminent hangover too soon – here are five hangover recovery tips for how to perk yourself up after a night of drinking:

1. Steam clean. Use clean, moist and steamy towels to bathe your face –
alcohol is a diuretic, so replenishing your skin’s moisture is essential

2. Cucumber slices on your eyes. Bags respond beautifully to this little
trick – put slices on your eyes and let nature do the work

3. Parsley is a girl’s best friend. This inexpensive herb is not only loaded with vitamin C, it cleanses your mouth and breath like nothing else. Munch a bunch!

4. Got milk? Try a nice cool glass of fat free milk the morning after. It
will help your body by providing protein, moisture and calcium, which gets depleted with alcohol.

5. Green tea – the real deal. A cup of coffee may help sober you up, but a
cup of green tea will help your body fight the lowered resistance that
comes with drinking!

Some of the less intelligent choices for curing your hangover include, eating a heavy meal (sometimes touted as a way to absorb the alcohol) and taking a pain reliever that contains acetaminophen (like Tylenol), because it can harm your liver. From a beauty standpoint, it’s really best to do the first 5, then sleep. And of course, no “hair of the dog that bit you“, please…it’s the worst thing for a hangover.