Extreme weight loss – how does THAT happen?

Last night I watched an interview with the winner of the Biggest Loser, Danny Cahill, who lost a whopping 239 lbs. in 7 months. Couldn’t help but remember back a few short years ago to my involvement with the show a few seasons back (remember Susie, who drank 42 milk shake shots?), and that limited, inside look at the dynamics of rapid, extreme weight loss. I must confess, while the numbers are impressive, they also really, really concern me. After over 22 years in the business of helping people lose weight sanely, moderately and safely, I am reluctant to celebrate what I fear may be all-too-fleeting weight loss. It would be interesting to see how many of the participants actually keep off the weight by making successful, permanent changes in lifestyle and eating habits – does anyone know of any corroborated statistics?

Url: E! Online article source

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