Excess Salt Damages Blood Vessels

I have often talked about the dangers of salt and here is yet more research from Tufts that back this up.

“Here’s another reason to watch the salt in the foods you eat: Not only can high sodium intake from dietary salt boost blood pressure, but a new study shows it can also damage blood vessels. That, in turn, in what scientists called a “sodium amplification loop,” could raise blood pressure still more, further increasing the risk of heart disease. US researchers studied 5,556 men and women in the Netherlands and found a link between higher sodium intake and two biomarkers for blood-vessel dysfunction. Study participants were not taking medication for hypertension. Researchers noted that past studies of people without hypertension have found little short-term effect of salt on blood pressure, yet salt “for unclear reasons, is associated with hypertension if consumed chronically.” The long-term effect of high salt intake on blood vessels could help explain this, they suggested.”

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