Every BODY Is Beautiful

Came across something that I wanted to share with all of you who, like me, have an interest in eating disorders. In my case, I was anorexic for a time as a teenager. Luckily, I recovered before really harming my physical or psychological health, after getting down to 104 lbs (way too small for my 5’4” frame), and a year of convincing myself that eating was not for me. I am committed to nutritional health, adamant about living an active, healthy lifestyle, and dedicated to teaching others about doing the same.

Help me support a good cause and find some truly unique holiday gifts while supporting the National Eating Disorders Association by logging on to www.nationaleatingdisorders.cmarket.com and bidding on their ‘Every BODY Is Beautiful’ fundraising items. The online auction will run until December 2, so don’t delay!