Eating right- just another reason why Hillary remains such a strong candidate.

While watching my favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton, juggle what seems to be an impossible schedule, I am increasingly amazed at her energy and stamina.
She must be eating well – or at least I hope so, because the right fuel will really help her right now. If I were coaching her, I’d recommend that she eat a really good breakfast daily to start the day off right, and have fruit available constantly so that she always has something nutritious to snack on. In fact, that’s what I’d recommend for all of those whose day starts really early, and ends very late. Additionally, I hope Hillary is eating plenty vegetables, moderate servings of whole grains and lean proteins and drinking lots of water.

She sure looks good, considering her grueling schedule – and going strong! I fervently hope she keeps on going – straight to the White House as our next President!