Cup of tea, anyone?

Not only socially acceptable – tea drinking is a great way to fortify your health, naturally!

Recent research** continues to validate the health benefits of drinking tea, especially green tea, white tea and black tea. These teas possess high levels of plant chemical compounds called polyphenols (a large group comprised of many types of sub-compounds). There is growing evidence that the health benefits of polyphenols in tea include reduced risk of heart disease, and some studies have associated the consumption of tea with a lower risk of several types of cancer including those of the stomach, oral cavity, esophagus and lungs. Wow – one study even compared the antioxidant activity in tea to that found in fresh, unprocessed spinach and onions, two popular vegetables. Tea came out higher in both cases, although fresh vegetables and fruit provide important health benefits.

Would you care for lemon, milk or honey?

**African Jounral of Biotechnology Vol. 6 (19), pp. 22877-2296, 4 October 2007