Bold Basil

I’ve covered mint, parsley, sage and rosemary, but there is one mint I love to grow at home even more; basil. I seriously love the taste!

Basil can be grown indoors or outside, but here in Southern California we grow it outside all year around. My preferred varieties are Caesar or Genova as they have large aromatic leaves and are slow to bolt. We pick a few fresh leaves and put it on our home made pizza to really bring out the flavor of our other sustainable (with organic growing methods) garden-grown veggies we put on it, like tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet) and eggplant (roasted).

Basil is very, very versatile, and works well in hot dishes as well as cold. It’s also very pretty and makes a lovely garnish. Coincidentally, it was thought to be an aphrodisiac by ancient Greek women, who rubbed it on their chest to keep their sailors faithful and coming home from the sea, but that’s not something I’ve tried (LOL)!

If planting some yourself, make sure it gets full sun, good drainage, and if you’re in Southern California, grow it any time of year. In other parts of the country where winter hits, grow it indoors.