Affirm rather than Resolve

Are you among the 60% of those who flop at least once before achieving their New Year’s resolutions? This year, why not pursue a different path? Rather than resolve to be healthier, improve your eating habits, or exercise more regularly (three of the most common resolutions), consider the “affirm approach”. What’s the difference?

When you affirm, you’re declaring positively or firmly – you’re maintaining aloud or in writing that what you’re saying is true. Think I AM.

When you resolve, you’re stating that you are firm in purpose and determined. Think I WANT TO.

Which one empowers you more?

5 Simple Steps to Take Today:
1. Remember your why. Make a list of what inspired your decision to do whatever you’re planning to improve your health. Ask yourself the following question: what will be different if I …what will…bring me? Write it down and post it where you can see it regularly (I’m fond of using the bathroom mirror – that way I can see it at least twice daily).
2. Make a change to achieve change. Anthony Robbins is quoted as saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. Change breeds change, so try altering your approach, even if the problem is the same.
3. Get support. Enlist the help of trusted friends, family or others as you pursue your goals. Making a commitment to yourself can be motivating, but when you widen the circle, it’s like having a net underneath you. It builds confidence and accountability. In the words of an old African proverb, “it takes a village”.
4. Reward yourself. Recognizing success will set a positive cycle in place, so set realistic small goals and acknowledge your progress. Writing down where you’ve started and where you want to go are critical – otherwise, how will you know when you’ve gotten there?
5. Plan, prepare and plan some more. You have your plan, now think ahead. Anticipate situations and prepare for them. What might you encounter that could derail you from your goal? How can you mitigate or minimize the downside? Plan how you’ll get around the obstacles you’ve anticipated.