Advice to parents on how to get kids to stop wasting food!

I am often asked what should be done when your child can’t finish what’s on their plate. Let them stop when they’re full, and if it’s still wholesome, save the rest for a later snack. I recommend a “no dessert if you didn’t finish dinner” rule, but research strongly supports a practice of not forcing kids to eat more than they are hungry for.

So how do you guesstimate the right amount for your child in the first place? Use the USDA’s MY PLATE site to get portion sizes that are appropriate for your children’s ages. As a rule of thumb, cover half the plate with fruits and vegetables and split the remaining half into two – one for starch, the other for protein.

Typically, high protein/high moisture foods spoil most quickly and are particularly susceptible to wastefulness because they’re hard to store or go bad more often.

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