New Research on Eating Healthfully During Pregnancy

It is widely accepted that there’s an important need for eating healthfully during pregnancy. However, will all the conflicting information out there – it can be confusing! Most pregnant women are worried about what they should be eating to allow for healthy baby development without unneeded or unhealthy weight gain.

While you should discuss what diet is best for you with your doctor, adopting a Mediterranean diet during pregnancy may be beneficial to reducing your risk of gestational diabetes and maintaining healthy weight gain. A study just published in the journal, PLOS Medicine, found that woman who followed the Mediterranean diet during pregnancy had significantly lower risk for gestational diabetes. These women also gained about 2.2 lbs less during pregnancy. Read the entire study here.

We fully support the Mediterranean diet platform at NutriFit, which focuses on whole grains, healthy fats from nuts and oils, no processed food, seasoning with herbs and spices and limit, and limited amounts of red meat. At NutriFit, we are committed to the long-term success in health for our clients by taking a science-based approach to nutrition.

Eating healthfully during pregnancy is only one small aspect of nutrition for moms and babies – and maintaining a healthy weight is equally important for living longer and healthier lives. Unlike other fad diets, the Mediterranean diet is easy to maintain long term – meaning moms (and dads) can adopt it before and after pregnancy.

In addition to helping moms get back in shape after pregnancy with her book, Body After Baby, NutriFit founder Jackie Keller has also helped many expectant moms with eating healthy before and during pregnancy. Whether expectant mothers need help with how many calories to consume, or more complicated issues like gestational diabetes, Jackie guides moms through all aspects of pregnancy nutrition.
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