Benefits of Plant Based Protein v. Animal Protein

A recent study published in JAMA analyzed the connection between mortality and consumption of plant-based protein vs animal protein. The two year study included approximately 131,000 participants and assessed protein intake by percentage of energy, adjusting results for risk factors associated with poor diet or unhealthy lifestyles.

The study concluded that higher plant-based protein intake was “associated with lower all-cause mortality” and animal protein intake was “not associated with all-cause mortality…but was associated with higher cardiovascular mortality”.

Furthermore, the study recommended substitution of plant protein for animal protein (with an emphasis on processed red meat) – especially for those with low lifestyle risk factor.

Excellent sources of plant-based proteins include non-GMO tofu, tempeh, edamame, lentils, beans and quinoa.

NutriFit offers both plant-based meal planning as well as plans that included balanced amounts of animal proteins. All of our plans are also low sodium and are high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats from nuts and seeds.

To read more about the benefits of plant-based protein, read the entire study.


 2016 Oct 1;176(10):1453-1463. doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2016.4182.