How it works

How does the NutriFit® meal service work?

Meals are selected based on your food preferences by using our database of over 2,500 recipes. You can also substitute alternative selections. Meals can be picked up at our west Los Angeles facility, delivered to your home or office, or shipped to you nationwide.

Why is the NutriFit® meal delivery service different from other meal delivery services?

It is our mission to help people achieve their personal health goals. We also offer additional services to help you succeed, including metabolic testing, body composition analysis, cooking classes, health and wellness coaching and nutritional guidance, as well as an array of fitness products, health manuals, books, our own Salt and Sugar Free Spice Blends, High & Mighty BarsTM, Mighty MixesTM, and Family Fare program. We can support many different dietary platforms and approaches in addition to the Mediterranean and DASH diet meal plans, including weight gain programs, renal diets, diabetic diets, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and Paleo-friendly meals. You may rate all the meals you receive on paper or online. As a member of NutriFit®, you can manage your billing and suspend meals for any length of time online. Single meals and partial days can also be suspended via email or telephone.

How much does meal delivery cost?

The cost of meal delivery depends on the meal plan you select. Pricing is determined by the number of meals received daily, desired billing frequency, and the complexity of your individual nutritional requirements. Please call our office 800.341.4190 for current promotions.

Do I get snacks too?

Yes, on our premium catering plans (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two meal (breakfast OR lunch and dinner) plans come with an afternoon and evening snack or dessert (if desired). Dinner only plans include a soup or salad, and an evening snack or dessert. Essentials plans do not automatically include snacks, but they can be added as desired for a nominal fee

Meal plan customization

What percentage of protein, fat and carbohydrates are in your meals?

Fat, protein, and carbohydrate percentages vary depending on the dietary platform you have selected. Our weight loss plans generally contain 20-25% lean protein, 20-25% healthy fat and 50-60% favorable carbohydrates, and are based on the Mediterranean and Dash diets. Alternative programs are available, including higher and lower protein and fat levels.

Do you have diets for specific medical conditions?

We specialize across the spectrum by helping people with their specific nutritional needs. We have customized diets for medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and renal diets.

Are children’s menus offered?

Individual meals and Family Fare menus include selections for all ages. NutriFit® can accommodate the whole family, including little ones and finicky eaters.

Do you offer juice cleanses?

We do offer Liquid Nutrition plans, which can be used for up to a week or two, depending on the need. While we do not consider them to be “cleanses”, we recognize that some people can benefit from a liquid meal plan for a number of reasons. Our vegetable or fruit juice-based smoothies are balanced with protein and fiber, making them a nutritious alternative.

How are my calories determined?

For Premium service clients, we set your calories (in conjunction with you) based on your diet and exercise history, your goals, current weight, desired weight and lifestyle (exercise, sleep, stress and hydration). On our Essentials program, the calorie levels are set for 1,200, 1,500 or 1,800 calories per day (we assume you will add snacks to meet these levels).

About Our meals

Can I add seasoning?

Our meals are prepared with a minimal amount of salt for health reasons; however, you may choose to add spices as desired. Jackie Keller has designed six of our own Salt and Sugar Free Spice Blends that are available for purchase. Single serving samples are available for trial, as are economical refill packets.

Are organic ingredients used?

We use organic ingredients wherever possible. Our own produce is organically grown on our sustainable farm. Our poultry is either organic or free range, and all animal proteins are wild (seafood), antibiotic, hormone and preservative free. 100% completely organic meals are available for an additional charge.

Where are NutriFit® ingredients purchased?

We proudly grow an increasing percentage of our own organic produce under our label, SimpliHealth Growers. Our premium, local suppliers include Santa Monica Seafood, Satisfaction Produce, and we also shop at the West Los Angeles Farmer’s Markets, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and Trader Joe’s.

Where is your kitchen located – can I take a tour?

NutriFit® is located in West Los Angeles, near the 10 and 405 freeways. You are more than welcome to schedule a kitchen tour to stop by if you wish to see our facility; we love to meet our clients face to face. We are proud of our kitchen and enjoy the opportunity to show it to our clients and friends.

Can I get specific caloric information on my meals?

Nutrition Facts labels are available for all Family Fare meals on the website. While all our meals are nutritionally analyzed, we do not provide the exact caloric information for our personal catering clients. However, we can tell you what your average daily macronutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber) values are, and how they are divided between your meals. This can be provided on a one-time basis. Our goal is to remove the focus on calories, thereby allowing you to concentrate on the other factors that make weight management successful, such as exercise, hydration, stress and sleep.

What should I drink?

Being properly hydrated by drinking adequate water is a critical part of nutritional health. We recommend you drink water even before signs of thirst appear (8-10 glasses daily). Minimize (or eliminate entirely) your consumption of alcoholic beverages (particularly for weight loss plans) and add in green tea daily. Coffee is permitted (please avoid artificial sweeteners and adding cream or sugar). Diet sodas are not recommended, however, an occasional sugar free beverage will most likely not affect your results.

How can you guarantee the safety of my meals?

All cooler bags come with tamper-evident safety seals. Should the safety seal be missing, we ask that you call us immediately. Refunds are not granted merely because the seal is missing.

Will my meals be safe until I can put them in the fridge?

Our cooler bag are packed with sufficient ice and designed to keep your meals insulated for up to 8 hours. However, we do not guarantee replacement should weather conditions change, or if the meals are not placed under refrigeration promptly. Please check to see if your bag has been delivered before you retire at night. If they are delivered after you retire, we recommend you refrigerate them by 7:00 am.

How do I heat the meals?

Individual meals can be reheated in their containers. Please check for condiments and garnishes that should be removed before heating, and note that flour-based buns, tortillas and crackers should be heated very gently for the minimum amount of time needed, as they tend to toughen in the microwave oven. Microwave safe containers are provided for hot meals and soups. Check the heating instructions handout carefully, as all microwave ovens vary in heating strength. It is best to reheat in short, 30-second increments, as you can always add a few more seconds to the heating time. Overheating can ruin the taste and texture of any dish. If you like your food well done, you can always heat it longer in the microwave, or transfer to a skillet or oven. We serve our vegetables al dente and proteins proteins are cooked to food safe temperatures to allow you to heat/cook further without destroying the meal. Credit is not given for meals that are not cooked to your preferred degree of doneness. Family Fare meals are delivered in either microwave safe containers or containers designed for conventional ovens (aluminum foil containers). If the item is delivered in the foil container, do not place it in your microwave oven.

Can I freeze the meals?

Many meals can be frozen. Your personalized label will tell you whether it can be frozen or not. The meal containers are not airtight, so we suggest using a freezer bag in order to preserve the food.

Making changes to your meal plan

Can I look at menus or pick my meals in advance?

We create hundreds of meals that are all different using your personal profile and health goals. Our Premium programs allow you to view the menu that have been selected for your upcoming week and make alternative meal selections. Our Essentials plan allows you to view your meal periods, but does not permit selection. In addition, we also take into consideration what is available and fresh from our suppliers on a daily basis. Ask your Client Services Representative about the best plan for your needs.

How do I make changes to my meal plan?

Use the online account management feature to make changes to your plan. Should you be unable to do so, simply call or email us. We will confirm the changes so you know their effective date. Unconfirmed change requests should not be considered received.

What if I don’t like the food I receive?

Your feedback is important to us and we will work with you! We will do our best to make sure that every meal is pleasing, however it can take some time to get to know your preferences. However, refunds are not granted simply because the meal is not to your liking. All deliveries come with a menu (in the top of the cooler bag) so that you can rate the meals (return your marked menus with your empty bags), or you can rate your meals online at your convenience. Should you rate a meal with lowest rating possible, we will remove it from any future menus.

Cancellation policy

What is the cancellation policy?

As with any changes to your plan, you may suspend your service without penalty provided you do so online by noon of the previous delivery day (that is, Monday for Wednesday deliveries, Wednesday for Friday deliveries and Friday for Monday deliveries). The system will send you an automatic confirmation if you suspend online. If you prefer to suspend meals via email, you must receive a confirmation via email to insure the suspension has been handled. Unconfirmed Unconfirmed change requests should not be considered received.

What if I have to go out of town?

Travel with NutriFit®! Our meals can be packed for airplane travel (a week’s worth can often be packaged and set as luggage), and many clients find it very helpful to have plane-friendly meals and snacks with them! Or, we can ship your meals to your destination so they are waiting for you (packing fees do apply). However, if you wish to suspend service, you may manage your schedule online at any time. Simply input your dates for suspension by noon of the previous DELIVERY day. If you wish to suspend a partial day or individual meal period, just call or email us on a timely basis (by noon of the previous delivery day), and we will input the information for you. Bear in mind that our office must confirm your request in order for it to be considered received. Refunds will not be granted unless proof of confirmation is available.

Delivery & shipping/delivery bags

What is your delivery range?

NutriFit® drivers serve the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, Santa Clarita and some of Ventura County in Southern California. Additionally, we use UPS and FedEx for longer distance shipping. Please call with any specific delivery location questions as special delivery arrangements can be made to cover other areas. Nationwide shipping is available.

How often and when will my meals be delivered?

We deliver your meals in the early morning hours of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in iced cooler bags. Monday deliveries include Monday and Tuesday meals. Wednesday includes Wednesday and Thursday meals. Friday includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday meals. We do offer daily delivery during the week to most areas for a nominal delivery charge.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

For personal catering programs, delivery is free in the aforementioned areas with a $50.00 average minimum order value. There may be an additional charge for outlying areas, or programs where the average delivery value falls below the minimum order requirement for free delivery. For Family Fare orders, delivery is free in our customary delivery area if the order value exceeds $75.00. For smaller orders, the fee is determined by the order value and the proximity of the delivery location to our west Los Angeles facility. Shipping to other areas in the continental United States is available, at an additional cost.

What do I do with the empty bag, ice blocks and meal containers?

Please leave the cooler bag and ice blocks out the night before your next delivery. Your driver will take the empty cooler bag with the ice blocks and replace it with fresh, deliciously healthy meals. Also, we ask that you please recycle the empty meal containers. These can also be used for storage or donated to a school. Should you elect to rinse out and return empty containers to us, we will donate them to a local charity to be re-purposed for homeless meals.

Billing & promotions

How will I be billed?

You may choose to be billed once per week (called weekly billing) at our daily rate, take advantage of discounted 14-day or 28-day rate, which requires advance payment. In that case, a retainer will be established and the value of your deliveries will be deducted from the retainer every time you receive meals. You can select automatic renewal (by signing an authorization), which allows your meals to continue from one cycle to another without interruption. You can view your billing period using your online member account, and change it at your convenience. There are more favorable rates for longer commitments, and our special promotions are generally based on prepaid meal plans.


How much weight will I lose?

Our clients report an average of 11 lbs. of weight lost in the first month, and a 22 lb. average weight loss over the course of the first 3 months, however results may vary. Your weight loss results may vary, though, depending on several factors. Other considerations include how many meals you receive from us, what you eat on your non-NutriFit® days, how much and what type of exercise you do (and are accustomed to doing), and your sleep, stress and hydration habits. We recommend losing weight at a safe rate of one to two pounds per week. Accelerated weight loss and weight gain programs are available.

How long will it take me to lose weight?

This depends on several different factors (see How much weight will I lose). We advise following a program that is sustainable for the long term, so that you will not have to repeatedly lose the same weight over and over again.

What other services are available to help with my overall health?

NutriFit® offers additional services to help you succeed, including metabolic testing, body composition analysis, cooking classes, wellness coaching and nutrition guidance, as well as an array of fitness products, health manuals, books, our own salt and sugar-free spice blends, energy bars and options for family style ordering. Additionally, we have a vast network of health professionals (fitness and medical experts) who are ready to join your health enhancement team.

Do you have a referral program?

NutriFit® says ‘thanks’ for referring new clients by depositing two days of meal credits into your account, or three days for recommending two people who receive food at the same address. (Referred clients must stay at least 2 weeks)

COVID-19 Precautions

Delivery Procedures

We are continuing our non-contact, nighttime deliveries as a part of our health and safety procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our drivers are our own employees (non-contractors) and all enjoy paid sick leave benefits. Sick employees, in any department, are not permitted to come to work. Our drivers also now wear gloves when delivering your meals. Our delivery bags are cleaned with a cleaning solution daily and are also lined with anti-microbial material. We are also offering curbside pick up to our clients who would prefer to pick up their meals from their facility.    

Food Safety & Sanitation

Your health and safety is our top priority. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adopted new food safety & sanitation standards and practices in our facility to protect our clients and employees. Our facility is also cleaned thoroughly each day using environmentally-friendly and highly effective cleaning agents. We use food service gloves (non-latex) when plating your meals (and always have)! We also provide masks for our employees to wear. Our kitchen employees have all received certified food health and safety training. Our founder, Jackie Keller, even taught food safety and handling at the LA health department for many years. She supervises kitchen staff and procedures on a daily basis to ensure all practices and standards are being met. We proudly display our A Rating granted by the Department of Public Health since ratings began. During the pandemic, we are continuing to monitor and adhere to all public health announcements and recommendations from the CDC, USDA, FDA and other government organizations. We will also begin checking our employees for fever before work very soon.