How do I heat the meals?

Individual meals can be reheated in their containers. Please check for condiments and garnishes that should be removed before heating, and note that flour-based buns, tortillas and crackers should be heated very gently for the minimum amount of time needed, as they tend to toughen in the microwave oven. Microwave safe containers are provided for hot meals and soups. Check the heating instructions handout carefully, as all microwave ovens vary in heating strength. It is best to reheat in short, 30-second increments, as you can always add a few more seconds to the heating time. Overheating can ruin the taste and texture of any dish. If you like your food well done, you can always heat it longer in the microwave, or transfer to a skillet or oven. We serve our vegetables al dente and proteins proteins are cooked to food safe temperatures to allow you to heat/cook further without destroying the meal. Credit is not given for meals that are not cooked to your preferred degree of doneness. Family Fare meals are delivered in either microwave safe containers or containers designed for conventional ovens (aluminum foil containers). If the item is delivered in the foil container, do not place it in your microwave oven.