For nutrition expert and NutriFit® co-founder Jackie Keller, sustainable living is all about walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk. A longtime advocate of the environment, Jackie regularly incorporates preservative-free and organic products into NutriFit® meals, in addition to offering many vegan, vegetarian and environmentally friendly meal plans. Jackie is further minimizing her carbon footprint by driving the new, in-development Honda FCX Clarity, a zero-emissions fuel cell electric vehicle.

This revolutionary sedan utilizes fuel cell technology to produce electricity, offering an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline; the only by product that the car leaves behind is water. Jackie is one of just twenty customers driving the Honda FCX Clarity today, as Honda is in early stages of its long-term car deployment program in Southern California.

“I am thrilled and honored to have been chosen to lease this groundbreaking new vehicle, which will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Jackie. “Preserving the environment is an integral part of my everyday life — whether I am purchasing organic ingredients from local purveyors for NutriFit®, or talking to my children about climate change. The Honda FCX Clarity enables me to further take action to preserve the Earth.”

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