We understand that customers of Freshology & My Fit Foods have both recently been informed that these companies are going out of business. This is undoubtedly a bit of a shock to everyone – and of course very disruptive to those customers who had come to rely on those meals.

We’d love to help you stay on track with your healthy meals and we are committed to helping you make a seamless transition over to NutriFit. Our meal plans allow for a high degree of tailoring to your needs, so you may even find this a blessing in disguise as you can now have Jackie Keller design a personalized meal plan for you!

For a limited time, we will be providing the following special discount to customers coming over from Freshology and My Fit Foods:

  • 2 days of free meals with purchase of a 28 day meal package
  • Pay only 50% to get started, the remaining 50% can be paid in weeks 3 and 4 of your plan

We also have our existing Fit in Five special that offers tremendous discounts for your first 5 weeks of delicious, healthy meals delivered fresh anywhere in the continental USA.


Tailor & Price A New Plan For Me


Our customized menus are based on your personal taste and food preferences. We select your meals using our database of over 2,400 recipes, and prepare your meals using the finest quality and freshest ingredients available. Your meals are delivered up to three mornings per week in an iced NutriFit® cooler-ready to be enjoyed.

  • Completely personalized to your food preferences and health requirements
  • Lose, gain or maintain weight while eating energy enhanced, balanced meals
  • Shipping anywhere in the continental USA – fresh, never frozen
  • Deliveries may be postponed for vacations, work travel or personal needs

Tailor & Price A New Plan For Me