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What is NutriFit?

NutriFit LLC, established in 1987, is Los Angeles' leading healthy food company.

Our healthy food delivery services are perfect for all ages and life stages. Customized menus feature fully prepared, premium quality, fresh (never frozen) meals. We offer weight loss meals, specialized diet food delivery, weight gain menus and sports-specific meal programs. Healthy food delivery is available in Southern California, and shipped nationwide.

Additionally, we provide an array of prepackaged food items and other related support services, including nutrition and culinary education programs and health coaching services.

Our Meal Delivery services enable you to:
  • Design your optimum schedule, tailored to your lifestyle and goals.
  • Customize your meal plan to suit your unique taste preferences.
  • Relish the taste of the best quality and freshest, all natural, hormone, antibiotic and preservative-free ingredients, including organic produce grown locally on our own farm.
  • Explore Family Fare, an affordable, convenient, family meal solution that your family will love.
  • Satisfy your group catering needs with unequaled variety, extraordinary quality, and exceptional service.
  • Enjoy alternatives, such as Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian meal plans.

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Learn how NutriFit can help you with...

Weight Management

Weight Management

Whether you're looking for diet meals to help you lose weight or hearty, healthy meals for weight gain, NutriFit will create a plan specifically for you. You can receive any combination of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Enjoy the convenience of having fresh, organic meals delivered directly to you, or pick them up at our Los Angeles facility.

Health Management

Health Management

Our health management meal delivery program will enable you to increase your intake of antioxidant-rich, heart healthy, organic meals, improve your blood sugar and lipid panel results and lower your consumption of sodium. Your nutritional health is in good hands with our delivered, deliciously healthy meals that are specifically tailored for diabetes, heart disease, Celiac disease, Renal diets, cancer prevention, Chronic Fatigue and IBS.

Sports Specific Nutrition

Sports Specific Nutrition

We offer tailored plans that are designed to address the needs of professional and recreational athletes of all ages. Whether your goal is endurance, speed, strength or all three, we will customize your meals to help you achieve your goals. Building a winning, sports nutrition meal program is easy with NutriFit.

Family Meals

Family Meals

Family Fare offers the ideal, affordable solution for busy households - featuring more than 100 fresh, wholesome entrees, salads, soups, side dishes, lunch box fare, snacks and beverages. Home meal delivery allows you to spend more time with the family, while enjoying a huge variety of deliciously healthy meals, featuring organic ingredients from our own farm. Pick up or enjoy the convenience of home delivered meals up to three times per week.

Body After Baby

Body After Baby

Based on Jackie Keller's book, Body After Baby (Amazon Top 100 Best Seller), our Body After Baby meal program takes the work out of feeling and looking your best before, during and after your pregnancy. It's never too early, or too late, to eat well and by doing so, taking the best care of yourself, your baby and your family!

and many more plans

...and many more.

Whatever your age or stage of life, NutriFit will craft customized meal solutions designed to satisfy your nutrition and health needs. Vegan, vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Paleo and Zone-friendly plans also available. Our meals feature organic, wild or free-range proteins, sustainable or organically grown produce vegetables from our own farm and from local vendors.

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Talk to Our Experts

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Healthy Success

Optimize your nutritional status. Improve your health profile. Feel good and look great the simple and easy way - with NutriFit. Metabolic body composition testing is available in Los Angeles. Health and wellness coaching is available virtually, worldwide.

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NutriFit believes in providing viable options for delicious, organic food to anyone living in L.A. - and beyond. The idea for developing an innovative way to bring healthier food to the masses began almost three decades ago.

Formed in 1987, Jackie Keller, NutriFit director and founder, and her husband, Phil Yaney, realized many people living in the Los Angeles area preferred tasty, farm-fresh meals, but often lacked reasonable access to obtaining it. Often times, the only way to enjoy healthier fare was by visiting exclusive and expensive restaurants. Even then, organic meals were offered as occasional, specially prepared entrees that were only available to limited clientele. Keller knew that fresh, wholesome food should be the norm, not the exception, because everyone deserved a fair shot at healthy living. So, a healthy food delivery option was created and NutriFit was born.

Who Can Benefit from NutriFit?

Anyone wanting to make healthier life choices, feel better and enjoy delicious food can benefit from NutriFit. That includes individuals needing to gain or lose weight, athletes, anyone with specific dietary needs and people constantly who are constantly on the go that need a meal, but still want to eat healthfully. Essentially, everyone could stand to have a bit of NutriFit in their lives because everybody deserves to eat healthy!

NutriFit meals are customized, personalized and specially prepared to clients' needs and specifications. We only use fresh ingredients gathered from our local, sustainable farm to prepare mouthwatering meals. Our prepared meals are free of preservatives, just pure and natural food comes from our kitchen. We whip up high-quality dishes that go straight from our (open to the public) cooking space to your dining table. NutriFit provides dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes, too. We have a come-one, come-all approach here and we've never met a taste palate that we can't satisfy. Los Angeles is incredibly diverse and there are many types of food preferences. We get it. More importantly, we can prepare it. We also offer a different meal plans to accommodate every kind of budget, including our Family Fare plan that can feed everyone for less.

Delivery Options

NutriFit's meal delivery service is a dream come true for anyone in the Los Angeles area striving for a healthier diet that doesn't compromise flavor. NutriFit can actually arrange, prepare and deliver meals straight to a requesting door. NutriFit's home delivery service is designed to bring quality meals into all interested homes and businesses throughout Los Angeles. However, it doesn't stop there. We also offer food delivery service to broader regions and intend to bring good, organic food to the world, if possible.

We cater to general tastes and specific dietary requirements, including providing diet food delivery. Yet, customers don't have to limit themselves to having meals delivered. We are also happy to have you come to us and will have meals ready for pick-up if you desire.

Whether home food delivery or pickup, NutriFit has what you need for healthy eating and living. Without compromising your values, eat the way you deserve and let us help feed you.